Watch out PrimeLocation! Industry entrepreneur launches property portal for upmarket agents

Jamie Arthur already has a successful track record helping agents online but has now launched a revenue-share based platform for UK and overseas agents.

property portal

Well-known industry website supplier Jamie Arthur has taken the plunge and launched a property portal for upmarket agents based on a revenue-share model.

The 40-year-old, who already runs a successful digital consultancy for UK and overseas estate agents called Property Webmasters, is to now take on platforms like PrimeLocation with his own portal.

Propuno is free to list for agents and for the moment is working with a selected number of European and UK luxury property agents.

But Jamie says he wants to eventually expand fully into the UK and Propuno is attracting leads for property in some of the most competitive landscapes in the world including the Costa Del Sol, Paris and Cannes to name a few.

Based in Hartlepool, the portal has been created by the same tech team behind Property Webmasters and says it will offer buyers the chance to “work with ethical, professional and trustworthy estate agents in the UK and overseas”, he says.

While it’s been in pre-launch mode Propuno says it has already been visited by a million people and that its agents in France, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain and the UK have already secured sales from its leads.


Luke Fleming, its Digital Marketing Manager, says: “We understand that customers have reservations about which estate agents to deal with, for that reason we wanted to ensure we work only with reputable estate agents who are providing the highest quality service in their specific areas around the world.

“Drawing upon our marketing and website expertise, we advertise and list our clients’ properties for free on their behalf; this allows us to focus on our strengths whilst also freeing up more time for our agents to focus on what they’re best at.

“We have introduced a revenue-share model where we receive a commission on any resulting sale, we don’t profit unless our agents do.”

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