Will smartphones soon be the only way agents photograph homes?

New training helps agents take advantage of the latest developments in mobile technology - but will they win over vendors?

Smart phone photography

Made Snappy 360 has launched a free smartphone photography course for estate agents which it claims brings industry photography training up to date with the rise of the smartphone.

Smart Phone Photography on a Page’ aims to help agents improve their photography and take advantage of the latest developments in mobile technology.


Ashley Rigg, Made Snappy 360‘s lead photography trainer, says: “There are so many decisions that apply whether you’re using a DSLR or the latest smart phone camera, for example height, angles, lens choice and exposure.”

Ashley Rigg, Made Snappy
Ashley Rigg, Made Snappy

Rigg reckons phone photography will be the dominant form of estate agency photography in the future as the big tech players continue to focus their energies on the smart phone camera.

He says: “Google, Apple and Samsung spend over £30 billion on R&D each year and the key battle ground in the smart phone market is the camera.

“Every year both the image quality and array of professional level camera settings improve. If you know what you’re doing with a smart phone camera and post editing, the results you can get are incredible and they’re only going to get better.”


Rigg says that the biggest problem with smart phone photography in estate agency is staff thoughtlessness.

Made Snappy 360“A big advantage of the smart phone camera is its ease of use but that’s ironically its biggest drawback.

“It’s so easy for staff to go around snapping from any angle or height without thinking about composition or light that the results can be at best inconsistent and at worst down-right terrible.”

And he adds: “The AI built into smart phone photos these days is incredible.

“The latest models are taking numerous images at different exposures and merging them together in a millisecond.

“This enables you to see through windows much more clearly than with a DSLR, especially when combined with simple drag and drop and post editing.”

Find out more: https://training.madesnappy.co.uk/courses/SPOP

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