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Can property marketing make a difference?

Suzanna Mavity of BriefYourMarket, says smart property marketing can build a glittering business.

Suzanna Mavity

your-database-your-goldmine-golden-logoIf you need to take one thing from this article because you are in a rush…smarter property marketing makes you competitive.  A study by E.ON in July showed that a third of home-hunters take two to three months to choose their next home. The question for agents is, what can you do to tip the balance in your favour during that time when it comes to attracting purchases and keeping vendors?

The answer is what marketers call ‘top of mind’ awareness. Put simply, this is the idea of making a series of customer ‘interactions’ over a given time. We’ve all heard of the old ‘Rule of Seven’ – we have to touch a brand message up to seven times for it to stick in our minds.

Now think about that… that’s seven things you have to create and put out just to establish awareness. What if you are trying to actively sell a product or service? What if it is one of, if not the biggest purchase or sale your client may make in their lives? You need to be thinking carefully about how you can use as many different tactics as possible to establish your ‘top of mind’ awareness with your target market.

This is all about increasing your chances of being the brand they turn to and then converting them. Far too many marketing campaigns concentrate solely on lead generation. Awareness is fantastic but it has to be the right message, in the right place, at the right time to increase your chances of conversion success. Your marketing journey has to be about nurturing, not selling.

That rule of seven can be expensive, so what’s the best path to follow?


Buyers today are empowered. Information is abundantly, overwhelmingly available, and they are using that easy access to tune out unwanted marketing messages while simultaneously seizing control of their buying processes. You need to provide content that your customers want – not push sales messages. Take them on a journey of education and trust building.

Suzanna Mavity

Suzanna Mavity

The average person moves eight times, so that archived data is actually your future, not your past

Email is still the quickest and most direct way to reach customers with critical information but if you want to connect with them, you have to work hard to get their attention. In order to be truly effective, email marketing must become more trusted, more relevant, more conversational, more coordinated with other channels and more strategic – your email must become more engaging.


The proof is in the personalisation – did you know that personalised subject lines are 22.2 per cent more likely to be opened? Responsys reported in 2014 that using customer data to better craft your campaigns can increase open rates by more than 70 per cent and click-through rates by more than 55 per cent. That’s some big stats and an even bigger impact on your lead generation possibilities.

Beyond the subject line, you also need to keep people engaged with your emails through insightful content. This is the key factor within email marketing, as a prospect engaging with your content can signal the beginning of a relationship. It’s one of those golden seven interactions.

September 6, 2014

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