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Proptech firm launches Facebook style app for apartment blocks

German company says free platform will revolutionise the way residents and property managers talk to each other and properties are managed.

Nigel Lewis

property managementA German proptech company has launched a digital property management platform that claims to be the first in the world to enable property managers and apartment block residents to communicate directly in real time with, and among, each other.

It’s a bit like a Facebook group and enables everyone to communicate, chat-style, with each other including the block’s property manager, in real time.

Co-founder Bruno Acar (pictured, below) says it’s different from existing property management software tools, which tend to be aimed at agents. He says that instead his platform is designed to be used by the whole community within a block.

HomeBeat.Live is an app as well as a desktop platform and residents can use it to talk to each other, as well as tell the building’s property manager about service and maintenance issues. It will also make apartment blocks more social as residents can chat to each other too.

“Structurally it’s also a better approach because that way data and platform remain part of the building regardless of any change in service provider,” says Bruno.

Other advantages of the platform are that it enables property managers to update all the residents in an apartment block about issues such as a broken lift with one message and keep tenants or owners happier about service levels.

Also, residents can see who else in the building has already flagged up an issue, thus reducing the number of times residents have to contact the property manager.

“We all know that many property managers don’t have the best reputation, but the ability to respond easily and get noticed for actively fixing issues changes the mindset of end-users dramatically,” says Bruno.

Retain contracts

Bruno claims the platform will help property managers retain and win contracts and make property management easier by enabling residents to do a lot of the inspections and reporting themselves.

He also says most property managers would like to use digital tech to replace email and Excel documents don’t want to pay extra to use it, particularly as block management software can be expensive.

HomeBeat.Live is free for both residents and property managers, although there is a paid-for Pro version that offers access to cheaper insurance and other property-related services.

It will cost approximately £10 per apartment a year to use, but Bruno says the cheaper home insurance his platform will enable residents to access will offset this cost.

HomeBeat.Live hopes to gain distribution for its platform by persuading both residents and property managers to sign up to use it – so agents may soon be receiving request from residents to implement HomeBeat.Live, but property managers can also suggest to a block that it’s a good way to keep in touch.


August 17, 2017

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