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Is reinventing your estate agency a New Year resolution?

In today's increasingly competitive property market a branch office that impresses clients and speaks your branch values is increasingly a must - here's how one property company did it.

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So we’re back to the old adage of ‘new year, new start’ but London estate agent Lourdes pre-empted the sentiment, deciding to commissioning a new office late in the year.

Daniel Treasure, one of the agency’s founders, said, “From the moment a client steps through the door of our office, they feel comfortable with the brand and realise how seriously we focus on customer service and presentation. Ultimately, how we present our company reflects the exacting standards and lengths we go to in presenting our clients’ properties.”

Lourdes chose MPL Interiors to reinvent an estate agency office on its Limehouse patch, aiming to create a more sophisticated, sleek image; the starting point was the corporate colour.

Harry Simons, Partner at MPL Interiors, says that even adjusting the tone of a brand colour can make a massive difference, “Lourdes’ previous corporate colour was green but it was brighter shade that didn’t quite fit with the agency’s new aspirations. Choosing a different colour altogether can break brand recognition, but by darkening the Lourdes shade of green we’ve created a more grown-up feel but kept continuity.”

“Daniel asked us to create a more welcoming reception area and a new sofa was our starting point. We matched the upholstery fabric to the new green and created an upholstered occasional table from the same fabric. The effect is really striking and it reinforces the Lourdes brand in a practical way.”

Elsewhere the office has been revitalised with acrylic panel artwork with Lourdes graphics. “Acrylic is such a versatile material to work with as we can match it to almost any colour. Using small squares to make one big artwork is a more contemporary approach, and we’ve used strategically placed ceiling mounted spotlights to highlight the panels. We even tinted the map green so it reflected Lourdes’ brand,” says Harry, “It’s these small details that help make the big overall impression.”

Other details include a back-lit LED light panel with ‘L’ for Lourdes and a full wall photo image –which proved a challenge: “The skyline image of Docklands predictably featured Canary Wharf, and the tower’s size was just right to fit on a structural column. It took some precise design but in the end we got Canary Wharf in just the right place and the result is stunning.”

As well as the details, MPL certainly created the desired level of sleek sophistication, “The Lourdes team felt strongly that printers and photocopiers should be hidden away, so we installed a sliding wall system that hides all the detritus. The white doors echo the feeling of space and there are purposely no handles to enhance the streamlined feel,” comments Harry.


January 1, 2018

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