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Revealed: Stath Lets Flats creator’s candid views on industry

Jamie Demetriou has told a London paper what branch staff tell him when he's on viewings to get 'titbits' for his series.

Nigel Lewis

stath lets flats

Comedy actor Jamie Demetriou has said every time he meets lettings branch staff they claim to know a real ‘Stath’, the character he plays in the second series of his ongoing Channel 4 show Stath Lets Flats.

The show, which is in its second series and is on Mondays each week at 10pm until mid-September, is rapidly becoming required viewing among agents for its sometimes hysterical and occasionally accurate portrayal of a chaotic branch office.

In it Demetriou plays a deeply incompetent Greek-Cypriot North London lettings agent who works for his family’s business Michael and Eagle.

32-year-old Demetrious yesterday told London’s Metro newspaper that as a renter he’s been worried about being blacklisted by his real-life counterparts for his poor portrayal of the profession, and finds flat hunting mildly embarrassing when agents recognise him.

Stath Lets Flats

“I’ve been comforted that, when I occasionally go with friends to flat viewings to pick up titbits, I tend to get a warm response,” he says.

“They tend to all know another letting agent who’s like Stath so they take comfort in that — ‘he’s like the idiot that’s in our office.’

“But a lot of the time my internal monologue is saying: ‘Mmmm, no, it’s you!”

Demetrious has also revealed that fans who have described the comedy as the ‘perfect pre-Brexit comedy about a fractured Britain’ are wrong.

“I understand that housing and Brexit interlink in a way that sort of needs flagging up, but I don’t think this is the show to do it. It’s not a satire, it’s a family comedy about a sweet idiot,” he says.

Demetrious is also due to feature in the upcoming TV series of Four Wedding and a Funeral and has also appeared in two other comedy series, Fleabag and Alan Partridge.

August 28, 2019

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