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Self-employed ‘entrepreneur’ agents are better than ‘desk jockeys’ says industry figure

Comments are made by operator of Keller Williams Essex franchise as the company hires its 50th estate agent.

Nigel Lewis

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A senior estate agent who runs a major Keller Williams franchise says his agents earn more and are better trained than many traditional agency ‘desk jockeys’.

The comments come from Mark Readings, who operates the Keller Williams market centre covering Essex and East London with his sister Claire.

“The cynical may look at the number of agents that we have partnered with that have not come from the estate agency industry and say that ‘experience counts’,” he says.

“I would counter that we can take anyone with enthusiasm, ambition and integrity and train them to be a much better estate agent than someone that has sat at a desk without decent training, support and that a lacks of overall help and guidance.

“And they’ll earn more money than that desk-jockey by far.”

His Essex franchise now has 50 agents (pictures, above) offering its services through the company’s Brentwood Market Centre, which is backed by Russell Quirk and his brother Anthony.

The ratio of agents working for their company that have direct estate agency experience versus those that are fresh to the industry is 50:50, ranging from 22 to 56 years old.

“The quality as well as quantity of agents that have chosen to partner with us at Keller William Plus is incredible and with many already earning big sums,” says Claire Williams, the director of its Market Centre.

In a bid to prove that agents working for it do sell homes, the company has also published the anonymous results of one agent, who currently has 13 properties listed via the agency and who has earned £10,243 from three completions during August.

Agents working for Keller Williams keep 90% of the fees they owe, set themselves up in their own right as a business and can work both part- and full-time.

August 25, 2020

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  1. Anonymous results? Aren’t they proud of their achievement, or will it not stand up to close.scrutiny from those who don’t believe everything they hear?

    In a culture where con-men, hucksters and charlatans, desperately seeking power and influence, have decided that the truth is relative, we are in danger of trade publications becoming nothing more than the mouthpiece for these fairground carny’s.

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