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Service launches offering estate agents ‘laser beam’ leads

Next-Bid says its next-generation digital tech targets people most likely to buy or invest in UK property.

Nigel Lewis

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A service that helps estate agents target property investors using advanced digital marketing techniques has been launched.

Next-Bid which has been established by two young digital entrepreneurs who say their technology targets investors both from the UK and overseas, creating leads for sales and letting agents as well as developers in the UK, Remon Pepers and Romona Ramdaras.

Their service also helps agents maximise their client acquisition cost in a transparent way, they claim.

“Our goal is to reduce advertising waste by reaching relevant audiences, maximize distribution, and collect valuable engagement data. We achieve quicker responses from property investors because we’ve enabled audiences with data optimization,” says Ramdaras (main pic).

“Next-Bid has originated from clear opportunities we saw in the property marketing industry. The utilisation of our comprehensive targeting tools and algorithm enable a far more efficient approach, with higher ROI than traditional methods.”

Estate agents

Ramdaras says that although her service is initially helping estate agents target overseas investors, its technology can be used to create leads from within the UK as well.

Quizzed by The Neg on how the tech works under the hood, Next-Bid says the company sets up target profiles based on agents’ requirements, and serves banner and video ads to people who match those profiles across a range of relevant sites and apps.

“The precision of our data is where we make the biggest difference, we can technically pinpoint users based on a range of criteria,” says Ramdaras.

“For example, if you know your buyers are typically coming from Russia, have a specific net worth and income and are interested in art, owning multiple luxury cars, then we’ll put together a profile that is then automatically targeted, serving ads specifically to this audience in a GDPR compliant way.

Visit Next-Bid.

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August 9, 2021

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  1. Sounds a lot like a number of companies, for example Brightbee who is an estabished player in realestate marketplace. It is great to see an explosion of new companies all looking to digitally innovate in sectors that will generate revenue for agencies.

    We are in 2021 now a long way from an estate agent thinking about using Facebook as tool, with artificial intelligence, ever developing coding and new digital tools and ways of re-plumbing real estate, based on a more Amazon, Netflix approach, being dreamed up by those in the proptech vertical.

    Now agents really can get their audience client, be it investor or lister to the table at speed. And the beauty is it automated, so whirring away 24/7, generating profitability at scale.

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