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Digital marketing expert, Nelly Berova, asks if you have the main bases covered in social media and lays out the ways to use them to best effect.

Nelly Berova

Link to Digital Marketing featureIf you’re looking to revamp your marketing strategy for 2022 to generate more leads, you need to have social media at its heart. We all know that almost every property search begins online, but this doesn’t mean people are logging on to websites on desktop computers. Increasingly buyers are lured to view properties from advertising and organic posts on their preferred social platforms.

And it’s not just about home buyers. The relationships and brand awareness created by agents who do social well are important for reaching those vital leads – vendors and landlords.

Link to Digital Marketing feature

Nelly Berova

If you’re wondering what’s new in the world of social media right now, an honest answer is not all that much. Don’t imagine there’s a bunch of new platforms that agents should be signing up to. Instead, you might find subtle differences in how you position yourself on your existing channels.

To explain, let’s give the main social media platforms for agents a quick 2022 health check:


You might have heard that Facebook is a dying platform, but we’d say these rumours have been exaggerated. With around 48 million users (two thirds of the population) it is still the UK’s number one. Last year’s Apple iOS updates, with their new privacy settings, weren’t great news for Facebook advertisers tracking iPhone users across devices. But Facebook advertising is still one of the most important ways to target your chosen demographic.

The platforms you use every day are evolving too, so keep on top of the new functions.

You might want to think differently about how you use Facebook organically. Facebook can be a brilliant tool for engaging with your audiences. A good, regularly-updated Facebook page is great for sharing local news, answering questions, even booking valuations and viewings. Don’t use it to sell so much as to build brand credibility and local presence.


Once seen as a young channel, the age profile of Instagram users has been rising as it grows in popularity. With a big focus on the visual, its relevance to the real estate business is self-evident. Use your most stunning photos and carefully crafted copy to present your properties in the best possible light. Don’t stop at posts. Instagram reels – mini films with a short shelf-life are viewed by vast numbers of people on the platform.


YouTube continues to have a massive global following with 2 billion users worldwide. As an estate agent, you need to be creating video content to build awareness and to showcase your properties. Stats from the US show that listings with video content generate four times the number of enquires as those without.


You might wonder how a business networking site will help you target customers. We’d say LinkedIn is important for building your brand and presenting you as a ‘thought leader’. Use it to share the insights on the market and consumer trends that will make you an authority, building trust and recognition – you can even slip the odd listing in too.


For some people Twitter is a bit of a negative space, full of angry people shouting at other angry people. Let’s be realistic, it’s not going to bring you many leads but, as with LinkedIn, it’s useful to have a presence. Use a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite to share your Facebook content through Twitter, to keep your feed fresh with very little effort.


This platform is one to watch, though it’s unlikely to sell many houses or find you landlords and vendors right now. While its age demographic fell during lockdown, TikTok is still largely a youth platform, but it’s starting to be used by agents keen to innovate.


Popular with aspirational home movers who use it to curate ideas, this often-ignored platform can be a good way of driving traffic to your blog. Pin great visual content and link it to your website and Facebook page to boost clicks.


For most of us, WhatsApp has transformed informal communication. In your business, you are probably using it already to communicate with customers and share property links.

There’s a lot more to WhatsApp though. By installing a branch-wide system you can use it to vastly improve the way you communicate with leads through a range of chat functions.

When thinking about your social media strategy, the key is to start with your audience. Ask who you’re targeting and how best you can reach them.

Social is constantly evolving, with new stars appearing, seemingly overnight, but there’s no need to rush and sign up to the next big thing. The platforms you use every day are evolving too, so keep on top of the new functions to make sure they are working for you.

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April 18, 2022

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