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How to use social media to get your blogs read

If you make it easy to share your content, says Tara Dulake, you’ll find it will be shared… and shared again, saving you time and raising your profile.

Tara Dulake

Tara DulakeSocial media isn’t about continuously promoting your services and properties on offer, but engaging with your followers, offering them a good customer service and experience. By creating an intuitive website and populating it with engaging content that can be easily shared, users are more willing to share your information. This leads to more awareness of your brand and services, without you having to do too much of the hard work.

When content is accessible on your website, engagement increases. This in return leads to better rankings in search engines, great brand awareness, and ultimately, more leads.

Here’s our top tips to make your content and website easily shareable for social media.


Social media imageFor pages or articles that you want people to share, make sure you add social media share buttons. These buttons are not just for blogs, but are great for browsers to share guides, properties, downloads and PDFs. You should also consider where these social share buttons sit. The user experience of this will determine whether your content gets shared or not. Consider a share buttons close to the properties you want to promote.
Top Tip: Include links to your social media channels on your website. As social media is another way that someone can contact you for customer service, displaying this will ensure that your customers reach you.

Create useful content for customers surrounding frequently asked questions and share this in the form of blogs and guides. When you upload content to your website, make sure that the guide and blog pages have social share buttons to make them easy to share. Include your @ handle on Twitter to make sure you capture those sharing your content so you can thank/re-tweet them.

As it is now more of a visual and highdefinition world, one of the best ways to sell property is to stage the home and take some great photography that people will want to share. Platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are growing platforms that people share a lot of. By uploading interesting inspirational photos and well-composed imagery, people are more likely share, like and re-post your photos.

Video case studies of previous clients are a real winner when someone is looking for an agent.

Make your content visually appealing. We’re not just talking about pretty pictures, but making the content on your website easy to read. Use sub-headings within the descriptions of your properties so that people can scan to the important information they are interested in. SGreat sub-headings also help search engines index your content and highlight the most important aspects of the content.

Create different forms of content to share. If you have spent time putting a great area guide or piece of content, why leave it there? Turn it into a blog post, infographic, mini-infographic, video, gif or slideshow and repurpose it into many different formats so that your potential customers and followers can share your content.
Customer Spotlight – Some case studies can be really boring and data driven, but customers like to see other’s experiences of you and your services. If possible, video case studies are also a winner when someone is deciding whether to choose you as an estate agent to manage their property. If you can upload your videos to Vimeo or YouTube, this will give your followers the ability to embed your videos on their own websites, or share via social media.


Make your tweets interesting. Make sure you have a tone of voice that people will love and want to share.

Make your timeline interesting. Post other engaging information in a variety of formats. This will make your followers want to share more of your content on their timelines.

When sharing the properties you own on social media, tell a story. People like to buy houses with character and that have a little story behind them.

Think Hashtags. Here is a list of some of the most important hashtags to consider when you are thinking about trying to rent and sell properties and promote them on social media. Ensure you use a couple of hashtags when posting content. This means that if anyone re-shares your content, the post will again reach the top of the social media page for that hashtag.
#HomeBuying #FirstTimeBuyer #ShowHome #Property #ForSale #NewHome #HouseHunting #PropertyPorn #HomeSale #Mortgage #HomesForSale #CreditReport #HomeInspection #CreditScore #Renovation #JustListed

Most content about your business is generated by fans sharing photos, video and text updates about your products or service, regardless of whether your content is positive or negative. One way to take advantage of the positive user-generated content about your brand is by highlighting it in an engaging way. Do it well and you will get many more people sharing your content.

October 24, 2016

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