If you don’t love admin, you should read this

The Acquaint CRM software platform frees you up to do the jobs that really drive the business. Founder and CEO, Grant Jaquest reviews the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of agency software.

The new generation AcquaintCRM


Ask yourself this question: did you get into the property business because you love administration work? Chances are, that’s not why you joined the business. It’s far more likely that your reasons were because you enjoy working with and helping people, because you are entrepreneurial, and you want to be able to control your own earning potential. And, very likely, because you like the flexibility of not being chained to a desk all day.

So, why do you find yourself drowning in a sea of paperwork or systems that don’t integrate properly? Because it goes with the territory? Well, it doesn’t. Not anymore. The days of manual, labour-intensive, paperbased admin and poorly designed software in estate and letting agencies are gone.

If paperwork is your thing, you might want to skip the next bit

Instead of tying up staff doing repetitive, and now needless admin tasks, why not put all your focus on developing your business instead? Which is probably what you enjoy most – and what you’re best at.

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Grant Jaquest

If all this strikes a chord, you need to check out a software solution that was designed specifically for the needs of estate and lettings agencies. With more than 800 very satisfied agencies already using the system, Acquaint CRM is the all-in-one software solution, whether for a single user, multiple users, multiple branches or even franchise models.

The days of manual, labour-intensive, paper-based admin and poor software are gone.

By streamlining all admin processes, Acquaint CRM allows you to focus on what generates revenue for you. As Ben Giles, Founder and Manging Director of Balloon Letting Company in Bristol, puts it: “I have used the Acquaint Software for over two years. The software is very intuitive and is particularly easy to use on front end functions which save my team an enormous amount of time. The Acquaint team are always friendly, responsive and eager to help on the rare occasions we need them and they’re always quick to deal with any issues as they arise. Importantly they also listen to feedback and release regular patches that help to update the system with the bespoke needs of business and I’m sure others.”

User-friendly software and telephone support in Oxfordshire…with real people

The customer service aspect is a real differentiator for the team at Acquaint CRM. Instead of dealing with a bot or an outsourced call centre on a different continent, Acquaint CRM’s customer support team is fully in-house, in Wallingford in Oxfordshire.

Every team member has a minimum of three years’ experience of the Acquaint system, and their standard is to answer every call within three rings. It’s a classic case of combining leading-edge software innovation with good, old-fashioned customer service.

Ed Simpson, co-owner of Ashdown Marks in Chelsea, agrees: “We’ve been using Acquaint CRM for the last 4 years and are a very satisfied client. We find that Acquaint CRM is easy to use and has all of the features and integrations that our business needs. Furthermore, the Acquaint CRM team completes regular product updates adding new features and functionality at no additional costs to our business. The Acquaint CRM team is so easy to contact, they answer calls very quickly and a friendly and knowledgeable person listens to us and always resolves our issues there and then on the call.”

It’s like a Swiss army knife with everything an agency needs

Acquaint CRM handles all your sales and lettings. You list the properties you have – with no limits on the number of photographs.

You can also attach floor plans, virtual tours, audio guides, even energy performance certificates. You can match applicants and properties and send all the details by email, text message or post. You can also store all your contacts in one place with Acquaint and quickly produce letters and emails, file correspondence and notes and even send text messages with new information and reminders.

Acquaint CRM also helps you manage the properties on your books. You can easily and quickly set up tenancies and maintain them.

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