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OneDome, the homebuying platform and challenger portal, has unveiled a new express conveyancing service.

After years of providing conveyancing panel management to estate agents, OneDome Conveyancing Premium Express aims to deliver a swift conveyancing experience for clients with an in-house team of expert conveyancers. Similar to Amazon Prime, the focus is on delivering both high-quality and expedited services to clients.

At the core of OneDome Conveyancing is DealRoom, an award-winning property transaction management platform, and a team of trained sales progressors known as Property Moving Assistants. These professionals serve as dedicated monitors for the entire transaction process, including chain management. They play a dual role as project managers of the transaction and single points of contact, facilitating communication between home buyers, sellers, and all professionals involved in a transaction.

The DealRoom and Property Moving Assistants collectively bring together all stakeholders in a property transaction onto one platform, streamlining tasks from KYC to completion. This integrated approach not only significantly reduces transaction times but also eliminates complexity and wasted time.

The launch follows a successful 12-month trial period, during which OneDome achieved an average transaction time of 7.1 weeks, compared to the national average of 15.6 weeks.

OneDome Conveyancing Premium Express caters to estate agents seeking effective pipeline management while also benefiting from a referral fee.

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