Portal offers free banking-grade compliance for agents

OneDome is now providing customers of its homebuying services with free digital KYC and AML compliance checks.

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In an industry first offer, digital homebuying platform, OneDome, has announced unlimited free digital KYC and AML compliance checks.

This initiative brings banking-grade compliance tools, used by financial players like Barclays, Starling Bank and Revolut, directly to the estate agents, at no cost.

The service, encompassing identity verification, document authentication, live video face matching, and comprehensive AML screening, is available to all client onboarding processes.

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It promises estate agents a significant reduction in compliance costs, potentially saving thousands annually, and simplifies the onboarding process with a detailed digital report and risk assessment.

CEO, Babek Ismayil, (main picture) said: “The cost of KYC and AML checks disproportionately affects smaller agents due to volume. Through our platform’s high volume of checks, we benefit from favourable rates, enabling us to offer them for free to the agents we collaborate with.”

OneDome’s Transaction Management services extend beyond just AML checks to provide comprehensive support throughout the purchase and sales process. Their fully digitised transaction management platform and Property Moving Assistants, enhance efficiency and provide a faster, smoother completion.

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