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What’s gone wrong?

Frank Webster
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Our industry, says Frank Webster, has lost its sense of purpose, but as more regulation sweeps in, there is a chance to rediscover its purpose and create a respected profession.

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How to sell your business for a better price?

Sheila Manchester
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Running your own business can be exciting, fulfilling and profitable, but there comes a time when selling up is the best way forward. Sheila Manchester asked the experts.

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Spread the load

Andrea Kirkby

Outsourcing can get you off that hamster wheel and speed up business growth, says Andrea Kirkby.

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It’s a MINI revolution

Nigel Lewis
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For Sale boards were once the backbone of an agent’s marketing effort but today, branded cars – and in particular BMW Minis – rule the high street. Nigel Lewis looks at how…

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Standing out from the crowd

Julian O'Dell

"Stock is still a massive problem – can you suggest how we might increase our success in this area of our business?"

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