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Business, brokers and bear traps

Richard Reed
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Conveyancing can be a nightmare, for homebuyers and for estate agents, too, says Richard Reed. When a sale falls through – one in three don’t make it to the line – that’s…

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New rules for conveyancing

The Negotiator
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New price transparency rules came into effect on 6th December 2018. TM Group asked the industry, “Will the new rules change conveyancing for the better?”

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Proptech – Transformers

Lisa Isaacs
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A wave of new companies is challenging the old ways of the property industry, with immensely clever technological solutions. Lisa Isaacs spoke to some of the people who are transforming property.

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The domino effect

Joanne Christie
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All agents are aware that if one deal falls over, they all could. Joanne Christie outlines some new ways of preventing that, or at least, reducing the risk.

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