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Agents don’t get proptech

The Negotiator
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Just five per cent of property businesses consider themselves technologically advanced, according to research by Qube Global Software.

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Lettings management software

Let’s not go to war over proptech

Adam Blaxter, Rentr
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The digital and traditional halves of the property industry should be working together, not talking about a tech war, says Adam Blaxter of Rentr.

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Connect with Qube

Trevor Youens, Managing Director of Qube SLM

Trevor Youens explains how agent software provider, Qube, is connecting with the best in new proptech.

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PropTech potential

James Dearsley
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Sector specialist James Dearsley sets the stage for a regular, but racy, whizz around the world of new technology affecting and helping the property industry.

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Tech control of your business

Ed Mead
ed mead

During my 38 years working as an agent I learned to appreciate why many smaller agents are resistant to change; if you’re not a corporate, trying new ideas can seem risky. But…

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