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The 8-step journey

Digital marketing expert Nelly Berova explains how to lead your potential customers to your door.

Nelly Berova

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As the housing sector dips its toes into a new year, it’s hard to know quite what 2022 will bring. Focusing on the positive, the property market seems as strong as ever with record price rises, demand continuing to outstrip supply and commentators looking forward to more of the same.

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Nelly Berova

Whether your new year’s resolution is to grow your business – increasing the number of vendors or landlords on your books – or to channel your efforts to a particular niche, one thing you need to get right is your customer relationship journey. In other words, how you seamlessly guide a prospect from completely oblivious to raving fan.

The customer journey has eight well-defined stages and – we can’t stress this enough – you must follow them all.

Many agents expect to go from placing an advert to vendor sign-ups, immediately, but it doesn’t work like that. While it might be tempting to hurtle your prospective customer towards those rewarding latter stages… don’t. This relationship is like any other and you wouldn’t expect to go from first date to wedding proposal overnight.

How would you seamlessly guide a prospect from completely oblivious, to raving fan?

One of the best ways to approach your customer journey is to map out the stages in a chart or diagram. To help you, these are the eight crucial phases you need to focus on:

1 Awareness – this is about getting your voice heard in 2022’s crowded marketplace. It’s anticipated that more people will put their properties up for sale and rent early this year. They will be looking for the right agent, so it’s important that people know who you are before you ask for their business. Invest time and money in your content marketing and social media, with regular organic posting and paid advertising alongside an SEO strategy. In 2022 overhaul your social strategy, are you getting the most from Instagram and other platforms such as TikTok?

2 Engagement – having caught your customers’ attention, you now need to begin a conversation which builds on this awareness. The important thing at this stage is segmenting your audience and addressing the right messages to the right niches. Don’t rush in demanding they book valuations or appraisals. Instead use carefully crafted blogs, videos or social posts to make yourself an authority, solving their problems and explaining difficult issues.

3 Subscription – the next stage in the journey is about making the relationship more formal. Offer your customer something valuable – anything from a handy mover’s checklist, to a webinar on investing or maybe a downloadable local schools guide. In return, you might ask them to sign up for your newsletter, meaning you can send targeted messaging right to their inbox to deepen your relationship.

4 Conversion – in the real estate customer journey, conversion isn’t about your prospect signing on the dotted line. This relationship is more nuanced than that. Instead, it’s getting them to spend some time with you, maybe by agreeing to a 15-minute phone or video call, or that all-important valuation.

5 Excite – as it says on the tin, this stage is about offering your customer something they aren’t getting from your competitors, a feeling of connection, conviction – excitement. Make sure your brand, your content, your people all exude, passion, authenticity and commitment, so customers will genuinely feel excited about continuing the journey with you.

6 Ascend – this is the stage you’ve been building up to – when a new vendor agrees to sell with you or your buy-to-let landlord engages your services. It is also about up-selling. If you’ve done a great job of finding your landlord a tenant, now is the time to interest them in your property management services.

7 Advocate – you might imagine it’s all about getting to the ascend phase, but this couldn’t be more wrong. The next two stages are crucial to augmenting the relationship and getting the most from all your hard work. The advocate stage means giving your customer such a great experience that they’ll speak favourably about you, if asked – though they won’t necessarily shout about you from the rooftops yet.

8 Promote – finally, this vital stage is when you turn someone into such a fan of your business that they willingly help you recruit others, by talking unprompted to friends, offering testimonials, writing reviews and posting on social media – the sort of third-party endorsement that is more valuable than any number of ads.

So, if you do one thing to up your marketing game in 2022, map out the customer journey for your business – and don’t be tempted to miss any of the stops along the way.

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March 18, 2022

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