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The cost of ignoring social media

Christopher Walkey, CEO of Marketme, helps estate agents maximise their use of social media platforms.

Christopher Walkey, CEO Marketme

social-media-marketingIf you are involved in social media marketing, then it is never the right time to take your foot off the gas when it comes to being active and growing your network. During the recent festive season, many agents – and deservedly so – took a slight step back from things, including a break from being active on social media. But this is a potentially damaging thing to do as it leaves the door open for competitors to capture the market.

Highlight your social media plans for 2015, get involved, attract a new audience!


Christopher Walkey

Generally, from my past experiences, the festive period is a busy one for people using social media and this trend is rapidly increasing. As most of the working population takes well deserved holiday over Christmas and the New Year, the internet and their mobiles phones are never far away. When the novelty of Christmas presents, rich food and fine wines and beer disappears, many of us tend to update ourselves on what’s happening on social media.

We also know that Christmas and the New Year holiday period is a time for people to reflect on the year they’ve had and also to make plans / resolutions for the New Year ahead and for many people that will be looking at moving and property requirements. What better time would there have been for an estate agent to be active with a themed marketing campaign than over Christmas/New Year? A notable presence on the likes of Twitter and Facebook with eye-catching updates and posts is a great way to get in front of an active and target audience.

Many agents did use social media over the holiday, I saw plenty of festive-themed and community-focused posts. Christopher Walkey,  Marketme

Agents who took a break from social media over the festive period should have:
  • Posted a message stating that fact, ideally theme your post similar to “We’ll be back in our office from 3rd January, please email/call us on xxx if you need to get in contact before then”.
  • Even a couple of days with no social media updates could make a potential customer on is more active
  • Scheduled in content over the Christmas period.
  • Invited followers to share their festive photos with your agency. You could also have offered a decent competition giveaway to entice a good response.

To be fair, many agents did make good use of social media over Christmas. I saw plenty of Christmas themed posts and many were engaging their local social media audience with fun filled and community focused posts that received interaction from their followers. Many agencies shared their office decorations, festive clothing options, open evenings for mulled wine and mince pies, charity donations and much more.

By engaging with audiences during a period when people are likely to be using social media more often (and likely to be in a merry mood), you are putting yourself in the front of their minds for when it comes to their ‘property’ decisions in the near future.

What happens if I haven’T been active on social media for a few weeks?

It happens to many businesses, indeed sometimes the bigger brands are also culprits to this, we forget to update our social media accounts for weeks and even months – So what should we do if this happens?

I advise you to act quickly – ideally by launching a new incentive to maintain the followers you have and to quickly attract new followers to your agency on social media. Sometimes a simply ‘sorry for neglecting our followers on Twitter’ or similar is enough and if you add to that you’ll be soon releasing something interesting such as a monthly competition then you’ll grab people’s attention.

Remember when doing competitions, that you keep things to local entrants and that the prize you give away is enough to attract attention, a magnum or case of Champagne rather than a cheap bottle of wine, a dinner and stopover at your local luxury hotel over a free box of chocolates etc. (Consider what quality of prize would make you act on a competition on social media).

  • Excuse your absence on social media and let your audience know you’ll be more active in the future from now on.
  • Think about attracting attention by running a competition and make the prize worthwhile and something that will make for good PR for your agency when the prize winner is announced.
  • If social media is to play an important part of your marketing in 2015, then highlight this fact to your audience. Maybe this could be by introducing your new ‘person in charge of social media’, rebranding your channels and look to get heavily involved in local community hours across Twitter and interact more in groups/pages on Facebook. Think about choosing one of the ‘other’ social media channels such as Instagram / Pinterest / YouTube where you can look to share more visual content and attract a new audience to your brand.

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