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UK is a nation of pet lovers – but not if you’re a landlord!

A new survey of available rented properties, ranks the pet-friendliness of cities around the UK.

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A new survey has revealed just how unpopular pets are in the private rental sector.

The survey, carried out by End of Tenancy London found that the most pet-friendly city in the UK was Belfast, with just 12.1% of available properties for rent, allowing pets. This corresponds with Northern Ireland being the leading part of the UK for dog ownership.

Glasgow came in second place with 11.5% of properties being welcoming to tenants with pets.

Glasgow is followed by Manchester, which takes the third-place position with 9.2% of the advertised rental properties accepting furry companions.

In fourth place is Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, with 8.9% of accommodation being pet-friendly.

The 5th position is taken by Leeds (8.6%), followed by Newcastle Upon Tyne (8.4%), Brighton (7.7%), Southampton (7.6%), and
Portsmouth (7.5%).

Despite being the UK’s most populated city, London ranks last for pet-friendly accommodation.

With approximately 8,531 properties to rent, and a population of around 9 million people, London has the highest proportion of renters in the UK. That being said, the vast majority of London landlords do not accept tenants with pets.

In fact, only 624 properties out of the total 8,531 accept pet owners – which makes for only 7.3% of properties being pet-friendly. This puts London at the bottom of the top 10 best cities for pet-friendly accommodation.

March 28, 2022

One comment

  1. Again,
    Another article not quite telling the story. We all may love pets, however we just want to insure the possible damage that may come with the pet, just as if we buy a more expensive sports car, we allowed to get charged higher insurance.

    My repeated notes on this:

    Gees, how simple was it when we could just charge higher deposit for Pet owners and those that did no damage got all money back. So so simple.
    No better insurance than the tenants own money.
    Now look what Shelter and Generation rent and the Govt have done. Made it MUCH MUCH worse for tenants yet again.
    My text below I’ve done before.

    Landlords: pets are okay if you pay for extra insurance to cover any damage.
    Gov: in that case we will make it illegal to charge extra insurance.
    LLs: well then we will have to slightly increase deposits for those with pets.
    Gov: in that case we will cap deposits at 5 weeks rent.
    LLs: okay well we can’t really allow pets anymore then.
    Gov: in that case we will force you to take tenants with pets.
    LLs: well then we have no choice but to increase rent across the board even for tenants without pets.
    Gov: oh.
    Tenants: why is rent so high??

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