New AML app lets people play with a serious topic

Link to Proptech NewsA new app to provide anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing training has been launched to help overcome the lack of understanding about AML regulation.

Gamified training solutions provider, Attensi, and AML legal experts in Advokatfirmaet Erling Grimstad AS (law firm), worked together to create an interactive app that anyone affected by AML regulation can use remotely.

The interactive gamified training simulations mean players have to really demonstrate understanding at each stage of the playthrough in order to advance forward and ultimately be certified.

Sølve Johannessen at Attensi, developer of the App technology, said: “The AML app uses practical examples and ethical dilemmas that players have to solve and has been built by factoring in trends and patterns used by criminals, so employees in obliged entities learn through storytelling scenarios that feel real.

“What’s interesting is that after people have continued to use it, they get better and achieve a higher score – almost like a competition – so they repeat the training for enjoyment and interest rather than a classroom where you attend just to get your qualification.”

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