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‘Quiet marketing’ returns as agents try to manage frantic demand

Property search firm Stacks says more agents are using the technique to reserve viewings for only the hottest and best prepared candidates.

Nigel Lewis

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Some estate agents are operating both ‘hot buyer’ lists and using ‘quiet marketing’ techniques to prevent their staff wasting viewings on tyre kickers and unprepared house hunters, it has been claimed.

Property search firm Stacks says estate agents are having to turn their marketing activities on their heads as they attempt to prevent time-consuming viewings by viewers who are unlikely or not read to make an offer.

“Quiet marketing involves withholding properties from the portals, or sometimes uploading a brief outline with little detail, a general but non-specific indication of location, and no pictures,” says Anthony Pearce of Stacks (below).

“Agents will contact suitable buyers on their list and aim to sell the property without ever going to the open market.”

Stacks claims that attracting large numbers of buyers is now a no-no because conducting viewings is time consuming and onerous under Covid rules so agents are aiming to attract only the ‘hottest’ buyers.

“Agents have lists of buyers who are pre-qualified in terms of finance, intent and readiness to progress. For the best properties, they are recommending quiet marketing so they’re not inundated with requests for viewings.”

Pearce claims these tactics are necessary because many agents report lists ‘as long as their arms’ of keen buyers, which have to be managed remotely and which is pushing them to the limits.

Grey marketing, or quiet marketing, used to be reserved for vendors who didn’t want to go public or wanted to test the market; but now it’s becoming a more mainstream way of selling efficiently, Pearce claims.

September 2, 2020

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  1. What amazes me is why when companies like ‘Homehere’ can digitize the front end of the sales funnel, and can digitally greet, meet, qualify and then book viewings for appropriate buyers into the CRM of agents, and their diary system BEFORE the agent even knows they exist – there are still legacy type agencies getting humans to filter front end enquiries from portals.

    There is a property on the market across the road from me, the board went up three days ago, it was not on any portal, I rang the agent, it went to divert, I rang again the next day, same thing and again yesterday, when it appeared on a portal. If I made an enquiry on the portal, if Homehere was used by the agent, I would be qualified and booked in to view, not a human involved.

    Humans could get involved at the viewing, a much better use of their time, and using filters the agent could even discuss with the vendor what type of buyer they wanted to view, a cash buyer only, a first time buyer with finance approved, a buyer in a chain of two or less, technology allows control, old fashioned agency perpetuates old fashioned and unprofitable, and customer facing frustration.

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