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Those who can…

Simon Whale, Chief Kerfuffler

"What have we learned from the curve balls that life can throw us?" asks Chief Kerfuffler, Simon Whale. The answer is that training will make us more versatile, agile and successful.

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You’re hired!

Chris Stoker-Jones
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Looking for new, well-trained staff to power your agency in 2022, without the recruitment costs? Then take on an apprentice, says Chris Stoker-Jones, of Catch22.

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Pandora’s dirty laundry

The Negotiator
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As the ‘Pandora Papers’ exposed the ‘For Sale’ sign hanging over the UK’s property market, estate agents are urged to up their compliance game.

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Are your overseas landlords being put at risk?

Gill Waller, Compliance & Development Manager, The Letting Partnership
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Our exit from the EU brought about many changes to rules, regulations and legislation which have, to an extent, gone unnoticed...

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