Kate Faulkner

    Have you prepared your Election commentary for this week?

    With the Election decided, you may find yourself being asked by clients to explain the new Government's housing policies. Kate Faulkner points you in the right direction for the most reliable and relevant information.
    Kate Faulkner

    Latest housing market indices analysed – “fairly flat”

    Latest figures from the leading monitors of house price movements, show a mixed market, says property analyst Kate Faulkner.
    Kate Faulkner

    KATE’S VIEW: ‘High rents are helping fuel first-time buyer activity’

    Kate Faulkner says there is hope for first-time-buyers and with the help of Nationwide and Hamptons, has the statistics to prove it.
    Kate Faulkner

    House prices update – analysed by country and region: England, Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales

    Kate Faulkner's latest review of house prices in across the UK and the regions, from analysis of index data published in March.
    Kate Faulkner

    House prices analysis – the national picture

    The latest property prices indices summarised and put into historical context, by the UK's leading house market analyst, Kate Faulkner.
    Kate Faulkner

    ANALYSIS: Transactions are the key to understanding the property market

    House prices expert Kate Faulkner OBE looks at some great data from TwentyCI which cuts through the media hype and can help you plan ahead.

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    In-depth articles covering issues affecting the UK residential property market, house prices, interest rates and buying and selling trends.

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