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Six mistakes of social

Link to Nelly Berova - Digital Marketing

Your social media marketing strategy might seem to be on track, but as Nelly Berova points out, you might be making one of these...

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Products & Services

Local knowledge is power

Link to Property Data feature

Lisa Isaacs explores how you can use local knowledge to bring power to your proposition, prospecting and professional reputation.

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Business tips

Time to focus

Link to Adam Walker's Comment

Only last month I wrote a piece about how positive the outlook was for the housing market following Covid. Since then, dark clouds have returned with a vengeance.

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Housing Market

Regional report

Link to Regional Report

This month we meet members of The Guild of Property Professionals in Cardiff, North Somerset and Surrey, Sussex, Kent.

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Products & Services

The perfect storm

Link to Conveyancing feature

In 2021, the housing market broke, with huge logjams in conveyancing chains resulting in months of delays on sales. Richard Reed looks at what went wrong – and what can be done…

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Regulation & Law

The green disaster

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Well-meaning regulation to cut the carbon footprint of homes, rented or owned, is a looming catastrophe for the property industry, says Nigel Lewis.

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Agencies & People

A bite of the apple

Link to Portals feature

Can one of the newcomer marketing platforms break through to become the Apple of the property portal business? Richard Reed asks the contenders why they think they can.

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Agencies & People

Clynton Nel, Johns&Co

Link to Agent Interview

Rural people must be given a choice on how to heat their homes. This must include a range of low-carbon technologies and cost options.

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