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Stop, look, reflect, and celebrate!

Nathan Emerson
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As we come out of the pandemic with an industry not only intact, but possibly stronger, we have a lot to be proud of, says Nathan Emerson.

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Sourcing an apprentice

Chris Stoker-Jones
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If you’re constantly lamenting how hard it is to find good staff, this is the answer – get an apprentice, says Chris Stoker-Jones, of Catch22.

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Getting ready for RoPA

The Negotiator
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Rumour or reality, agents can’t ignore the possibility of a mandatory property qualification, says Lisa Isaacs. We answer your most-asked RoPA questions.

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Avoiding business ‘divorce’

Adam Walker
Business partner dispute image

Divorce is a terrible thing. All marriages start with high hopes of eternal happiness and yet, says Adam Walker, decades later, half of all marriages end in divorce. Business ‘divorce’ is even…

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Reputational Damage

Adam Walker
Students unpacking boxes image

"Every year, over 200,000 students rent a house for the first time. For most, says Adam Walker, it is their first experience of dealing with a letting agent and all too often…

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Mindfulness in business

Adam Walker
Business training message image

"Grant me just a single ‘if only’ and I would probably be a billionaire by now.” says Adam Walker, but let’s not drown in a sea of regret and disappointment about the…

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