Pop goes the proptech

    Nigel Lewis considers the evolution of the proptech industry and wonders whether the gold-rush days are over.

    Tech attack

    The residential property industry has become a prime target for technology companies. Nigel Lewis looks at the scale of the proptech industry and some specific examples.

    How proptech is changing estate agency

    What will the future of estate agency look like – and how much has Covid accelerated change? Richard Reed talks to James Dearsley, co-founder of proptech hub, Unissu.

    A.I. in agency

    Artificial Intelligence has arrived for good and, we hope, only for good. But what will it look like as it begins to shape the property industry? Richard Reed asked the tech experts.

    Artificial Intelligence takes on COVID-19

    Tom Reiss, CEO of Roby.ai, explains how intelligent software can adapt to fast-changing needs in lockdown.

    Smart cities – the 5G revolution is coming

    Professor Richard Kingston of the University of Manchester explains how the arrival of 5G will revolutionise the real estate sector.


    In-depth articles focusing on new technological solutions which create efficiencies and cost-savings for estate and letting agents and the wider residential property industry.

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