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The ‘finger thing’ that helps estate agents avoid getting Coronavirus at work

Pivoting Yorkshire engineering company says its copper-alloy gizmo both helps kill the virus and enables agents to open doors, 'without touching'.

Nigel Lewis

keepsafe estate agents

Estate agents worried about touching handles, doorknobs and taps at work or while conducting viewings now have a handy gizmo to keep their hands Covid-free.

Called somewhat predictably the KeepSafe, it resembles a cross between a knuckleduster and something Captain Hook might covet. But North Yorkshire manufacturer Sylatech says the finger appendage has a serious role to play in keeping the virus at bay.

It is made of a copper-based alloy that is effective at killing a broad range of bacteria, fungi and viruses but also, the company claims, is an ideal way for estate agents in branches or those completing property viewings to avoid touch surfaces without having to don protective gloves.

keepsafeCharlie Breese, Sylatech’s Managing Director, says: “Our aim for the KeepSafe is simple, to help limit the spread of Covid-19 and to reduce your potential exposure to Coronavirus.

“It has good application use with door handles, light switches, toilet levers, taps and more”.

“The KeepSafe is not a substitute for regular and thorough handwashing, but an extra weapon in the fight against this invisible enemy.”

Estate agents will also be supporting a UK engineering company whose main market, the aerospace industry, has been hit hard by the Coronavirus crisis, although it also makes components for the space, defence, medical, automotive and construction sectors.

The KeepSafe costs £9.50p or £8 each if you want more than ten, and can be ordered from the Keepsafe website and can also be made to order as branded versions as well.

June 2, 2020

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