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Martin & Co launches post-lockdown expansion push with multiple acquisitions

Franchises in three different places hoover up rivals, or their lettings portfolios, with more announcements to come.

Nigel Lewis

martin & co

Martin & Co says its franchisee network has been making a major bid to expand their businesses since the lockdown ended, including so far rivals and property portfolios acquired in Falmouth, Solihull and Rotherham. It also says there will be ‘more announcements to come’.

  • In Falmouth this includes franchisees Jon and Felicia Sampson buying their fifth portfolio in just 18 months after it cut a deal with The Mather Group. This takes their portfolio to over 800 properties.
  • In Solihull local franchisee Andy Powers has acquired a lettings portfolio from rival Hallway Letting Agent including a member of staff, his fourth and largest to date.
  • Martin & Co Rotherham has grown its portfolio by almost 60% after acquiring Beechfield Properties in the South Yorkshire town.

Link to Franchising feature“There are opportunities out there despite the ongoing pandemic and these branches have worked tirelessly to adapt to changing requirements and to capitalise on arising opportunities,” says parent company TPFG’s CEO Gareth Samples (left).

“The Property Franchise Group’s high levels of support helps our franchisees to set their sights on maximising those opportunities.

“We’re not letting up in our pursuit of meaningful acquisitions and, not only do we have several others in the pipeline heading towards completion, but we are also looking for more.”

Franchisees are clearly making hay while the sun shines – in a recent interview with The Negotiator, Samples warned that the current boom would continue until March next year before, he thought, running out of momentum after that.

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October 20, 2020

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