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58% of non-homeowners worried about Brexit

Sheila Manchester
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Research commissioned by the property firm Ocea Group shows that 58.6% of non-homeowners are worried that Brexit will make it even harder to buy a home in the UK.

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Online agents – the missing link

Scott Garner
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A new report by Rix & Kay solicitors, suggests that traditional estate agents have to step in to support clients who have chosen to be represented by online estate agents to ensure…

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250,000 give up on home ownership

The Negotiator
Homeowners image

250,000 non-homeowners have given up on the dream of owning their own property in the past year alone, says the 2017 Homeowners Survey.

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Hello? Is anybody there?

The Negotiator
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New research finds that agents ignore 1 in 3 leads… and they take rather too long to reply to emails.

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Oh we do like to buy beside the seaside!

The Negotiator
Waterfront property image

Knight Frank’s Waterfront View 2016 report reveals that we Brits really do like to buy beside the seaside, most of all, we like to buy seaside property in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.

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