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2019: signs are good!

Lisa Isaacs
Dexters signboard image

Signboards, magazines, flyers and business cards. These methods of traditional marketing are still being ordered every day – even in this digital age.

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There’s still power in the press

Joanne Christie
Printed marketing material image

Reports of the demise of traditional printed materials as part of your marketing campaigns are, says Joanne Christie, greatly exaggerated!

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Show me a sign

Andrea Kirkby
signboards image

Andrea Kirkby inspects the serried ranks of For Sale and To Let boards that line the streets – where permitted.

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Sign board shenanigans

Christopher Hamer, The Property Ombudsman
Boards removed by council image

I have written before on the continual complaints that I receive from consumers, and occasionally agents, with concerns about For Sale or To Let boards. I should first state that the TPO…

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