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haart returns £20m of tenancy deposits

Sheila Manchester

haart, one of the UK’s largest estate agency groups, is partnering with the tenancy deposit alternative, flatfair, embarking on a campaign that could result in the return of more than £20 million…

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The zero option

Andrea Kirkby
Agent indicating zero image

A raft of new products aims to replace tenancy deposits, Andrea Kirkby reviews the current offerings and where it may all end.

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Deposits rise

The Negotiator
Durham postcodes image

Tenancy deposits ‘threatening to break £1,000 threshold’, says The Deposit Protection Service.

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Tenants should attend inventory check-out

The Negotiator
inventory check image

All agents will agree that it is good practice to have a detailed and accurate inventory completed at the start of the tenancy, and again when the tenancy ends, but tenants should…

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