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Carnage! Gove sacked as housing secretary hours after junior minister resigns

During a day of mass resignations across the Tory government including two housing ministers, the boss at DLUHC has gone too.

Nigel Lewis

Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for housing, has been sacked by Boris Johnson hours after he told the PM that he should resign.

The announcement late last night follows the resignation of Stuart Andrew, the newest DLUHC minister to join the department

The MP for Pudsey in West Yorkshire was the first minister to resign from the department following the dramatic resignations of Chancellor Rishi Sunak and health minister Savid Javid last night.

In his resignation letter, Andrew says: “It is with sadness that I am resigning as Housing Minister.

“I pay tribute to all my ministerial colleagues, officials, and civil servants in the Department and the wider sector. I look forward to continuing to serve my constituents in Pudsey, Horsforth, and Aireborough.”

But his letter to the Prime Minister also admits that his loyalty to the party and Johnson had ‘overidden his judgement’ and that: “there comes a time when you have to look at your own personal integrity and that time is now”, he says.

“Therefore, given recent events, I have no other choice but to resign.”

Andrew is the eighth resignation by an MP from the government so far today, and follows the PM’s drubbing parliament by Labour leader

Keir Starmer, and a nakedly hostile resignation speech by Savid Javid to a packed house.

But Andrew joins a long tradition within the housing ministry, having only joined it as a minister in early February – so less than six months in post.

During his time at the DLUHC he took up the same role as previous incumbent Christopher Pincher, the MP whose predatory sexual activity sparked the current political crisis.

nathan emerson tenant referencingNathan Emerson (pictured), CEO of Propertymark, comments: ““After Mr Andrew’s departure we were hoping to see some stability maintained with regards to housing policy, however it is clear that the changes in government are far from over.

The question will now be over more delays to key pieces of policy, the industry has been in limbo for some time with regards to Renters’ Reform and RoPA meaning that to gain any real progress, consistency – almost above all else – was what we needed.”

simon coxSimon Cox, MD of Walter Cooper (pictured), says: “The revolving door for housing ministers continues following the resignation of Stuart Andrew [and now Michael Gove].

“Stuart Andrew was the 18th housing minister appointed since 2001. During a time when we’re still faced with a shortage of housing and material price inflation, the next housing minister will need to hit the ground running if they are to be successful.

“The government desperately needs stability and leadership if it is to bring forward policies to support the UK’s housing market moving forward.”

paul smith planningPaul Smith, Managing Director of The Strategic Land Group: “Whilst it’s frustrating to lose yet another Housing Minister after a very short period in office, of more concern is what the apparent meltdown of the government could mean for planning reforms.

“Whether or not you agree with the contents of the Levelling Up Bill, at least it promised to bring the debate to a close.

“The expectation of imminent planning reform over the last two and half years has been a crucial factor in the planning system grinding to a halt as – entirely understandably – local authorities have delayed their local plans until they knew what the new system would require them to do.

“This week’s events mean that paralysis looks set to continue – which will only serve to make the housing supply crisis worse.”

July 6, 2022


  1. I agree with Mick Roberts and i’m very happy all these Bafoons are resigning. There whole approach to housing is a massive mistake. Dictating to Landlords is a massive mistake I’m getting out as i cannot have dogs in my block of flats with carpeted stairways and corridoors to keep sound polution Down! You idiot dictators who are pandering to a few decent tennants. There are a few bad landlords and they should be brought under control. However, the constant harrassement from a government who could not manage Council houses that had been paid for serveral times over is a joke. I refuse to live with their dictate. It should be for landlords to know their properties and decide which tennants to take; not Government dictate. They have missed the plot i hope they loose the vote of the over 2 million single property landlords. I have had more bad tenants than good yet i have still have not increased the rent for over 5 yrs. I’m getting out rather than be dictated to by idiots.

  2. So we have the renters reform bill, we all now know Michael Gove has gone, Housing Minister gone, all Leveling up department has gone. No stability. And they’ll get in some new Muppet’s with zero experience or qualifications to tell us how to house people. I’ve got a Master’s in housing compared to these Bafoon’s.
    I’m not allowed to leave, the same tenant of 25 years is not allowed to leve, & the same house is not allowed to leave. Yet the people who tell us how to rent houses out come & go.

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