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200,000 landlords of coldest homes to each now face £1,200 upgrade bill

After initially letting many landlords off the hook if they couldn't get access to grants to complete the work, the government is to now ask landlords of 'F' and 'G' rated properties to stump up.

Nigel Lewis


The government has made a significant U-turn on minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) and will now require some 200,000 landlords of the coldest rental properties to pay £1,200 each on average to upgrade them.

Only ‘some’ will be eligible to receive funding from the government’s handful of remaining eco funds, the ministry of housing says.

Since April this year owners of rental homes with Energy Performance Certificates at the lowest ‘F’ and ‘G’ ratings have been required to upgrade them to an ‘E’ rating, but only if local or central funding was available to fund the improvements required.

Following a consultation on amendments to the existing regulations, landlords will now have to contribute to the costs. The measures will affect 290,000 properties or approximately 6% of the private rental market.

Landlords to pay

They will also require landlords to pay for a range of improvements including floor insulation, low-energy lighting and increased loft insulation.

Some landlords will still be able to register for an exemption. Properties that cost more than £3,500 to upgrade are to exempted, although their owners will have to provide three quotes to prove eligibility.

The changes are expected to save tenants in these ‘F’ and ‘G’ properties nearly £200 a year in reduced heating bills.

“While the vast majority of landlords take great pride in the properties they own, a minority still rent out housing that is difficult to keep warm,” says Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry (left).

“Upgrading these homes so they are more energy efficient is one of the most effective ways to tackle fuel poverty and help bring down bills for their tenants.”

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November 6, 2018

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