Criminal family surrender 16 properties worth £8.1 million after investigation

In one of the UK's extraordinary proceeds of crime recovery cases, the National Crime Agency has persuaded the Davies family to surrender the assets.

proceeds of crime property

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has completed one of its most spectacular proceeds of crime coups after a family behind a collapsed holiday home business agreed to return property and cars worth £8.1 million to the exchequer.

This includes a villa in the Canary Islands and 16 commercial and residential properties in and around Bath plus a luxury Range Rover.

As The Negotiator reported last month, the Davies family’s assets were recently frozen by a court but at the time the legal action was thought to be linked to the collapse of their business, which both rented and sold holiday homes at sites in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge.

The four members of the family, who are Shane and Rhianna Davies, mother Sheila and sister Tracey, have agreed to surrender the assets after conceding that they derived from the ‘proceeds of unlawful conduct’.

Their huge property portfolio, which generated an income of approximately £400,000 a year, was acquired between 1998 and 2007 with funds derived from mortgage fraud and the sale of drugs, the NCA says.


It included a seven-bedroom converted barn with an indoor jacuzzi and swimming pool and an 18th century Georgian townhouse (both pictured, above).

“It is vital to the UK’s economic wellbeing that assets are held legitimately, and the NCA is determined to recover property acquired through the proceeds of serious and organised crime,” says Andy Lewis, the NCA’s Head of Asset Denial, who worked closely with Avon & Somerset Police on the case.

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