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How to create the industry-leading estate agents of the future

Proptech specialist, Chris May, explains how technology can help estate agents grow their business in a cost-effective and easy way.

Chris May

When I co-founded Residential People back in 2014, my primary focus was to help estate agents and level the playing field. As a former agent myself, I’m all too aware that smaller agencies find it hard to compete with their larger, corporate competitors.

However, I believe that by embracing new proptech, smaller agents can not only compete, but lead the way in becoming some of the most proficient and inspirational business professionals in the world!

The big question of course is how?

Financial Freedom

As we all know, the rising costs of portals are a particular concern to smaller agencies who are more reliant on obtaining quality leads and enquiries in a cost-effective manner.

Perhaps it’s my former agent persona speaking, but I hate to see agents overpaying for their leads and enquiries – even when I’m now the one providing them with these leads and enquiries!

Residential People in essence was created with equality in mind, and as such, it provides agents with high-quality enquiries completely free!

I’m often told, “If something is free, it can’t possibly be good”; but if you subscribe to this point of view, then I’d strongly urge you to reconsider as sometimes, the best things in life are free.

Helping agents helps everyone

Another key area I’m very focused on right now is how to allow estate agents to improve the way they handle enquiries once they are received. This is an issue that must be dealt with head-on, not just for the benefit of agents, but also for consumers.

There can be nothing worse in any industry than having large volumes of customers who are making enquiries, only to be ignored.nurturingAI

Thankfully, products and services already exist that enable agents to manage each of their enquiries in the most effective and personable way possible. One such product is our nurturingAI platform.

Developed in tandem with estate agents, nurturingAI is a complete omnichannel system, built specifically for agents. While I could tell you all its fantastic features, perhaps the most beneficial feature is its ability to ensure that every single individual who engages with the agent, gets acknowledged.

NurturingAI is a cost-effective way for agents to embrace omnichannel marketing, and I think the sooner agents come onboard with the platform and others like it, the sooner we can make our industry better for everyone.

Helping estate agents work smarter

If agents are to lead the way, then the proptech that drives them must also set standards that transcends the property sector. One such product that achieves this is our new platform, Prospr.

Building on the basic concept of a valuation tool, Prospr quickly transformed into a comprehensive market intelligence platform that gives agents a quick and affordable way to tap into a wealth of data and market intelligence.

So, while the technology is out there, now it’s up to all of us to really embrace these new tools and do everything we can to ensure their industry-wide adoption.

I feel very lucky to still be so engaged and engrossed in an industry that I’ve been so passionate about for the best part of three decades now.

Although I’ve seen so many amazing developments during that time, I’m more excited about what is yet to come. Estate agents leading the way and showing all other business professionals how it should be done? Now there’s a vision and aspiration that I can really get behind.

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