Connells switches to UK-based secure e-signatures service Yoti

After initially using the tech for sales, Connells is now rolling it out across the whole business after many years spent using US firm DocuSign.

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Connells Group has signed up to UK identity platform Yoti’s secure e-signatures platform across its business, the first UK estate agency to do so.

Connells had been using DocuSign, which has been the industry standard for years, but in April last year switched to Yoti for sales and now lettings too.

London-based Yoti, which is a smartphone-based app, launched in 2017 and offers a range of compliance services including identity verification and e-signatures.

Connells says it has adopted Yoti’s tech after results from its sales division revealed three quarters of contracts being signed within two hours, along with considerable cost savings.

60,000 tenancies

The agency says Yoti will now be used by its 6,800 staff managing 60,000 tenancies via its 600 branches.

Yoti offers a secure web-based ‘eSignature’ platform that enables estate agents to send documents electronically and manage their signing processes quickly and simply.

Connells Group’s IT chief Nigel Trevor says “We are delighted to be able to successfully launch Yoti eSignatures into our business. The feature set Yoti has developed as part of their engagement with us will enhance significant aspects of our customer on-boarding processes, as well as helping to improve efficiencies.”

Organisations like Connells have been looking for more secure and affordable ways to transact online and particularly so during Covid when face-to-face contact has been minimised.

Yoti enables organisations and consumers to unite through a shared desire to streamline processes and reduce cost of sale, whilst focussing on the increasingly important pillars of secure identity, data security and privacy,” says its CEO Robin Tombs (pictured).

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