LSL reveals plan to raise number of women at senior levels

Estate agency firm also wants to increase number of people from a non-white background within its workforce, its new report reveals.


Franchised estate agency giant LSL has revealed plans to increase the representation of women and those from more diverse backgrounds at all levels of its business.

In a new report published over the weekend called Living Responsibly, the PLC firm has promised to add an additional woman to its board, where they are currently outnumbered six to three, while it will also seek to add another woman to its senior management team, where they are outnumbered by 38 to 16.

The overall mix of women within the wider is much better, though, with 53% of its workforce being female.

The company has made similar promises on diversity, revealing that it has set a target to have at least one non-white director on its board, increase its percentage of non-white senior management team managers to 11% (from 10%), but has not committed yet to raising the number of those from this background within its workforce past the current 5%.

Hybrid approach

The most significant target within the report is to double the number of hybrid vehicles it operates within the firm’s fleet by 2025.

“Being a responsible business has never been more important. I’m a firm believer that we all need to contribute positively to society and that view is increasingly shared by the many groups who care about how businesses work, from our customers and colleagues to regulators and investors,” says David Stewart, LSL’s Chief Executive.

“We want every part of our Group to reflect the communities we work in, so inclusion and diversity are key parts of our Living Responsibly strategy.”

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