But would it get planning permission? New tool for estate agents launches

New fast, inexpensive service from London firm offers Planning Policy Reports tailored to each property.

Have you ever told a buyer or vendor that they “could do wonders with this… extend it, add a granny flat, put a holiday chalet in the garden” without any real idea whether it’s feasible, worth doing or even legal?

No more! London based MASS Reports has launched a new service to support homeowners, estate agents and architects with fast, cost-effective reports that help them understand whether their project can work in theory.

Mohan Cashyap, Co-founder said, “After 18 months fine-tuning our reports, with positive customer feedback, it’s time to launch our service to the industry.

Reports include Planning Policy Reports, Extension Reports and Pre-application Reports to enable clients to rapidly see whether their planned project stacks up financially before they move onto the full property design process.

“We offer extremely valuable information to show how we found information whilst making it specific to their site. We partnered with one of the UK’s largest landsearch companies and we’re providing planning feasibility reports to developers, builders, investors and property professionals.”

Favours don’t do the job

Tim Valdar (left), Co-founder, says: “Calling in favours from architects is just not practical when a homeowner or developer is trying to assess value and potential return on a project. Streamlining the process is time-consuming and costly, but MASS Reports does exactly that. It’s a no-frills, extremely cost-effective, speedy service with our reports including site plans and CGI videos.

“My background is in estate agency and land agency, with first-hand experience of costs and time in gathering information to explore the potential of a project. We created an answer, applying this information to our massing studies and floorplans to optimise the realistic potential.

“Our strapline is ‘Planning Potential Explained’. Instead of you spending significant time and effort going to multiple sources and providers, our format can answer diverse and specific property planning questions. Our team produces unique reports to support developers, builders, homeowners, land agents, estate agents and architects – starting at just £150 + VAT.”

Matt Lenzie of West Street Capital commissioned MASS Reports to create Pre-application Reports. He said, “We used MASS Reports for a number of development sites which we were evaluating. It gave us a quick and easy way to identify development opportunities with real potential and those we could cast to the side.  The reports were prompt and efficient and we highly recommend this service and will definitely be using them again.” www.massreports.co.uk

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