Platform expands service to all limited company investors for first time

GetGround boss Moubin Faizullah Khan says the platform already holds more than £1.5 billion of UK investment property and now limited company landlords can transfer over.


Moubin Faizullah Khan of GetGround

Buy-to-let property platform GetGround is opening its service to all limited company property investors for the first time. GetGround sets up limited companies for landlords and supports with tax and accounting services

The company buy-to-let market grew by 27% last year as investors looked to maximise tax efficiencies of owning property through a company. GetGround has already gaining a 10% share of the incorporated buy-to-let market.


In the UK alone GetGround has company clients representing more than £1.5 billion of UK investment property – a figure that has grown sevenfold in the last three years.

In 2020 just 15% of buy-to-let properties were bought through companies with most investors and landlords owning and managing their properties privately.

GetGround’s platform launched to register companies for investors and landlords and has gone on to manage those companies, serving 27,000 landlords and investors in 114 countries. It helps them source, finance, manage and ultimately sell their buy-to-let properties.

Now, investors and landlords who already manage properties in registered limited companies can transfer these companies onto the GetGround platform.


Moubin Faizullah Khan (main picture), Co-Founder and Chief Executive of GetGround, says: “Demand has been building from thousands of investors and landlords who already have existing limited company investments but would like to join our platform and enjoy the benefits that allows.

“Driven by that demand, we have used our well-capitalised financial position to invest in our talent and technology and build out the platform to accommodate any limited company investor, regardless of where their company was previously formed and managed.”

Existing investors who transfer their companies to GetGround can do so without incurring any transfer costs. Once transferred, customers pay £29 a month (£348 per annum) to receive tax and accounting services managed by a dedicated account manager.

Faizullah Khan adds: “Too many investors pay above the odds for tax and accounting support that switches off for eleven months of the year after accounts have been filed. With GetGround, our help is available year-round.”

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