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New book claims emotional copy sells and rents properties, not descriptions

Author and former Belvoir franchisee Neil Whitfield says his new book reveals the secrets of successfully listing properties.

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Many estate agents believe they have mastered the skills needed to sell and rent properties, but not many have written a book about it.

But estate agent and former Belvoir franchisee Neil Whitfield has taken the plunge, today launching his tome entitled ‘The Ultimate Property Listing’ which he says will help agents who read it convert more instructions into sales and lettings.

Whitfield has had a varied career in marketing and sales including a ten-year stint running Belvoir’s franchise in Sunderland, but since August 2017 as a property industry trainer and consultant.

His new book is available in paperback and Amazon Kindle formats and focuses on three key areas of properties listing strategy; property price, photos and property details.

Emotional connection

Whitfield believes strongly that the best use of direct marketing copywriting techniques to attract ideal buyers and tenants by connecting with them emotionally.

“People buy or rent a property for emotional reasons yet most UK property adverts don’t tap into this powerful motivator at all – the typical listing is all facts, room sizes and how many radiators the property has got – nothing at all about how the property can bring pleasure to a buyer or remove a problem for a tenant,” he says.

“I wrote The Ultimate Property Listing to help agents tap into the tried and tested techniques for creating powerful, motivating ads that have been used in most other industries for over 100 years.”

The book is available for free to Amazon Kindle users or for £6.99 as a paperback.

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