Proptech start-up promises to disrupt eviction with automated platform

Propertech says evictions sector has been devoid of tech investment until now because it's seen as 'unsexy'.

propertech evictions

A proptech firm based in the North of England says the clunky evictions process used by landlords and letting agents is ripe for disruption and being automated digitally.

Paul Morgan (main picture), CTO and co-founder of believes that an easy-to-use eviction process available to everyone is long overdue.

His firm has been testing its software which produces the required paperwork to evict a tenant automatically and has already been used to achieve 4,500 possession orders.

This, Morgan claims, helps turn a process that requires expert knowledge and some three hours of admin work, into a much simpler and quicker process.

The firm’s beta service is targeted at property management companies, eviction experts, insurers, letting agents, and solicitors.

Its website will guide users step-by-step ensuring that each document, whether section 21, section 8 or complete court papers will stand up in court every time, although he says training will be needed to navigate the process.


Morgan says, “There’s a reluctance among investors to get involved with evictions, as it’s not sexy. It’s not the kind of investment you would brag about to your friends at the golf club.

“One person even told me that no one is interested in evictions as everyone is insured against non-payment of rents anyway. After speaking with said insurance companies, the opposite seemed to be the case. on a journey to develop our software into a fully blown Tenant Management System are we are now considering crowdfunding as an alternative.”

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