Scottish estate agent trapped in Tenerife Coronavirus hotel

Steve McHardie who works as a valuer at a Kinross agency, must now wait 14 days with his partner before getting the all clear.

An estate agent and his partner are one of over a hundred British guests at a Tenerife hotel who have been told they may have to spend 14 days waiting to be given the all-clear for the Coronavirus.

Steve McHardy (pictured), 53, an estate agent from Kinross in eastern Scotland who works as a valuer at local firm Morgan Kinross and his wife Susan, 53, are among the Brits stuck at the hotel, PA has reported.

The couple told the Lorraine Kelly ITV morning TV show that they had travelled to the Spanish island for a four-day sunshine break but would now have to stay quarantined in the four-star H10 Costa Adeje Palace in the south west of the island for two weeks.

Four people at the hotel had been tested positive for the Coronavirus and 50 Brits who arrived at the hotel after the infected guests had left, have been told they can go home. But this doesn’t include the McHardys.

“We didn’t go out in the beginning but yesterday we went to reception – you are allowed to go out with your masks on,” Susan told the show.

“At the beginning, we were getting food parcels put to our rooms, but now the only food you can get is at the restaurant so we have to go out now.”

The show’s TV doctor, Hilary Jones, told the couple that he feared that they might be stuck there for a month because of the way that their hotel had managed the quarantine.

“At the moment, what’s happening in that hotel is not self-isolation because people are sunbathing round the pool, going to the restaurant – you are in a mass quarantine together,” he said.

“My worry, and your worry, will be this – that on day 14 when you are ready to come home and somebody tests positive, you’re back in quarantine for another 14 days because you will have been exposed.”

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