Technology will never replace estate agents’ local knowledge

Leading tax consultant David Hannah makes video recalling his late estate agent father's 'encyclopaedic' knowledge of his Leicester patch.

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Support for high street estate agents has come from an unusual corner of the property industry.

David Hannah, principal consultant at Cornerstone Tax, has published a video on YouTube in which he advises his clients to consider the vital role that real agents on the ground – rather than tech and digital platforms – play in selling homes.

In the video he singles out Zoopla, Rightmove and Purplebricks for helping prompt the oft-heard belief among member of the public that tech means anyone can create a listing and punt it out on the internet to sell a home.

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But he goes on to say that without the knowledge and experience of traditional estate agents, it’s difficult to value a property accurately and therefore attain the best price for the vendor.

Hannah cites his late father who was a surveyor and estate agent, and recalls his ‘encyclopaedic knowledge’ of his local property which enabled him to accurately value every home on his patch within Leicester.

He also predicts that, despite the tsunami of tech washing over the industry at the moment, estate agents with local knowledge is ‘going to be around for a very long time’.

“We made the video because estate agents play a vital role in the property market, and with such a frenzied housing market, we have seen an increase in people trying to sell their property themselves,” says Hannah.

“New technology and online marketplaces make this option tempting, but all the tech in the world couldn’t replace the knowledge and experience of a trained, professional estate agent.”

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  1. Speaking as an ex-agent of 32 years, David probably needs to get out of his ivory tower and take a look around at how consumers are now doing property, that will be digitally. And now technology is definitely more efficient at delivering true insight at levels of data than a ‘local agent’ could only dream of. On the point of the local agent having all the knowledge, I live in a small village with two agents, both highly respected, both valued a property last year for me saying it would sell for £450,000. A good friend listed it at offers in excess of £500,000 under my direction and it sold in 72-hours for £525,000 and that was very early 2020 before the market galloped away. Lucky I had the sense to use a cutting edge AVM – thank you Property Deals Insights, for your £75,000 insight. Agency might be a people business, but accurate market knowledge does not seem to be on some agent’s radar.

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