They designed, they built, they conkered

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And now for something completely different: Conker Pods. The creator, Jag Virdie, says that while they can simply be an aesthetically pleasing garden feature, at £21,000, the 10 square metre pods can also be affordable homes for different generations.

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Jag Virdie

Jag, a Chartered Engineer, worked for Rolls Royce Bentley and Lotus before setting up his own Research and Development company in 2010 for automotive and aerospace enterprises. His startup Conker Living is getting a lot of attention and The Conker™ is now available for the public to order their bespoke design.

Designed in Cheshire with all materials sourced in Britain, the Conker could be an annexe for a teenager, a granny flat or a glamping pod for a young family, it could also be used as a professional office space.

Jag says, “For an office space, we have designed a three metre long desk with drawers and a deployable table. I currently use the prototype as my office.

It could be a conference room, with seats, a round table and a projector. Pods can be joined together to form larger spaces and offer flexibility with custom designs. With more than one pod it creates space for a double bed, storage space for clothes, a kitchenette as well as an en-suite bathroom with a toilet and shower.

The Conker was designed to be aerodynamic, strong and versatile, made of aluminium and recycled plastic to give it durability it is 100 per cent waterproof that doesn’t need any guttering as rainwater drips down the sides, where it is harvested and stored in tanks, which can be purified and reused in the shower or the kitchenette.

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