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Jamie Lester launches consultancy to help developers

The Negotiator
Link to Jamie Lester Consultancy news

Jamie Lester has launched Jamie Lester Consultancy, an advisory service providing expert sales and marketing strategy advice to property developers. Jamie Lester Consultancy provides comprehensive strategy advice including sales, marketing, branding, placemaking,…

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Boost your brand

Nelly Berova
Boost Your Brand image

You know who you are but does everyone else who lives where you operate? Nelly Berova says it’s time to get out there and communicate!

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New Year, new look

Joanne Christie
Dexters agency interior

Does your office look hot on the high street? Or not? Joanne Christie investigates what you can do to smarten up your image while carrying on the business.

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There’s still power in the press

Joanne Christie
Printed marketing material image

Reports of the demise of traditional printed materials as part of your marketing campaigns are, says Joanne Christie, greatly exaggerated!

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It’s a MINI revolution

Nigel Lewis
Branded car image

For Sale boards were once the backbone of an agent’s marketing effort but today, branded cars – and in particular BMW Minis – rule the high street. Nigel Lewis looks at how…

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