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Professional protection

Lisa Isaacs
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Legal action taken against your business could be a disaster, says Lisa Isaacs, so having really good Professional Indemnity (PI) is as important as it gets.

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Professional Indemnity

Sheila Manchester
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It’s a complicated world, mistakes are easy to make, people can be vindictive and cyber crime is a real worry. PI, says Sheila Manchester can protect you.

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Burning topic – Lettings fee ban

Andrea Kirkby
House Insurance document image

With a lettings fee ban on the way, marketing more landlord and tenant insurances could, says Andrea Kirkby, be a hot topic for agents.

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As smash and grab raids rise, are agents ready?

Nigel Lewis

Estate agents should check their insurance policies following a wave of smash and grab raids recently by scooter gangs targeting branches, says a leading insurance broker. The problem was highlighted last week…

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Who would ever claim against my business?

Joanne Christie
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From minor incidents to massive financial loss, agents need to have professional indemnity to protect themselves from both genuine and spurious claims, says Joanne Christie.

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Tenant’s liability

Joanne Christie
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Accidents happen and damage is done, so, says Joanne Christie, all tenants need an inexpensive but protective insurance policy.

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