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Digital marketing expert, Nelly Berova explains how to create a digital marketing hook to pull in and land some new business.

Link to Digital Marketing featureCreating great blog content that attracts customers to your website and raises awareness of your business is all very well. But how to get people to take the next step and book a valuation or landlord appraisal?

A call to action is a vital element of your content but will only get you so far. One tried and testing method for moving customers down that all-important conversion funnel is the lead magnet.

Link to Digital Marketing feature
Nelly Berova

A lead magnet – or bait as we sometimes call it – is a free and enticing offer that helps waverers or people who’ve just landed on your site to go deeper – maybe by booking that valuation, asking for a call back or signing up for your newsletter.

You can find a lot of lead magnet ideas online but, given the nature of our business, baits like free shipping, gifts and money-off coupons don’t always work for real estate.

Baits like free shipping, gifts and money-off coupons don’t always work for real estate.

We’ve helped plenty of estate agents achieve great results by using lead magnets, so here, in our opinion, are some that really work in this industry.

1 The checklist


This is as simple as it sounds. Create an extensive checklist to help people manage the pain points that come with moving home. You can find checklist examples online or draw up your own based on your experience. Checklists are popular with buyers and sellers, who want that bit of extra help getting organised at a stressful time. They are also great for new landlords.

2 The instant valuation tool

Most agents use some version of this service, supplied by third party firms. It allows sellers and landlords to check how much their property is worth or could be rented for, instantly. These tools are a bit of a blunt instalment and not always accurate. However, they are a good way in to getting the vendor to book a face-to-face valuation – so a great lead magnet. Request an email address for access to the tool. Then follow up with an email nurturing campaign to convert them.

3 The ‘how to’ guide

Create informative and up-to-date guides for sellers, buyers and landlords as PDFs or gated content on your website. Examples such as Everything you need to know about investing in buy-to-let, or How to find a school for your child are a really effective way of attracting leads, in our experience.

4 The webinar

The power of online training events has grown exponentially since the start of the pandemic and people are increasingly comfortable about joining webinars, talks and courses. Webinars work well when you’re helping people understand technical or difficult issues, how to invest in build to rent, what to do with an inherited property, for example. They are good lead magnets because they come with a sense of urgency – if you host them live, people need to sign up in time to avoid missing out.

5 The educational video

Rather than hosting a live event, you could record a video where you take people through a process – showing not telling is generally considered the best way to teach people something new. Creating a walk-through video with insider tips on decorating a place ready for sale, for example could really resonate with stressed sellers.

6 The industry report

Often one for investors or portfolio landlords, industry data and analysis can be a big draw for people with a serious interest in the business. You can commission research yourself, or use reports published by third parties – such as Rightmove or Zoopla – as the basis, customising it to include your own experience on the state of the housing market, locally.

7 The e-Book

A free book to download on a relevant subject can feel like a valuable giveaway, but this lead magnet isn’t for everyone. Your average seller or landlord probably won’t sit down to read a whole book when a checklist will do. A property investor, on the other hand, might, especially if they are looking for more in-depth understanding of a complex area.

8 The podcast

The popularity of audio recordings keeps growing, allowing people to listen to content on the move or if they don’t have time to watch a video or take part in a webinar. Create a podcast based around one of your most popular blogs – recording it as a discussion or interview will make sure it’s a lively and interesting listen. Keep it as gated content to use as a valuable lead magnet.

Whatever lead magnet you go for, the important thing is matching it to the wants and needs your target audience so do a bit of planning first. Then test some of the them out – we’re certain you’ll see your email lists grow as a result.

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