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How to be a thought-leader and get Linkedin with landlords!

Business links mean business, says Tara Dulake, who has some great advice on how connections can help you to build your portfolio.

Tara Dulake
Tara Dulake

Tara Dulake

With so many letting agents competing within the market, on the high street and online, you need to make sure that you are keeping up to date – and getting in front of your audience to make a positive impression. Look on estate agent LinkedIn pages – there are so many aspects that are underutilised – something that needs to change as the majority of B2B leads now come from LinkedIn. As a social network tool, this growing platform gives the opportunity to connect with landlords, investors and developers in one network.

Top tips on how to use LinkedIn to reach your desired audience:


Linkedin mobile imageYou have the ability to join and interact in several groups, and even create your own, which is a great way to connect with other professionals. In doing so you can nurture new leads, contribute to topical conversations, and showcase your expertise within the industry.

When you become a part of a LinkedIn group, you can view posts from other professionals in the group and connect with them, allowing you to start new conversations with different audiences including: landlords, developers and professional investors within the industry.

Give solid advice and you will be seen as a thought leader in the industry!

There are several landlord groups and networks that you could join to promote your services and share your knowledge. Just search “landlord” and select “groups” and start interacting.


The best way to start building your brand reputation is to get new recommendations from existing and past clients, as well as your colleagues; the majority of property owners base hiring their letting agent on a testimonial, or recommendation from a family member, friend, or work colleague – therefore building up your reputation is key to starting conversations with potential landlords and gaining new leads.

On LinkedIn several landlords across the network post questions daily about what to expect from their managing agent, which works as a good method of sharing your knowledge in professional discussions. The best way to be at the forefront of their minds is by giving them solid advice about the questions they ask, and point them in the right direction for what they are asking. Not only will this help them, you will be seen to be a thought leader within the industry.


LinkedIn advertising is a great tool which can be utilised and used to your advantage, as it allows you to market a variety of different options, including interests, keywords, job title, industry and more.

One of the strongest factors in all social media advertising, including LinkedIn advertising, is the ability to target the people you want to reach. If you are looking for properties to rent out, you can target landlords who already have property but who may need assistance in finding a tenant or undertaking the activities associated with letting property.


To build on your companies reputation, creating audience specific content and promoting it on LinkedIn is key to attracting new leads. You can do this in different formats, a blog post on your website, sharing infographics in your LinkedIn feed, or by creating your own LinkedIn blog post.

You can report industry news, analyse it and add your own voice to the content you share, to make the post informative to create more interaction and engagement.

LinkedIn isn’t just about creating new content, there is also the room to repurpose third party content. Find third party sources that are already sharing high quality facts and figures and reuse them to your advantage.

YouTube, Vimeo and SlideShare videos all play well within the LinkedIn newsfeed. This allows you to engage your audience without disrupting their experience. It also allows you to tell your story in a much more vivid, creative format.


Ensure that when you send out your statements and content that you regularly check your notifications. Engaging at the same time as when potential clients and customers are is key to developing conversations and relationships.


Post frequently so you become a steady voice in the background to those in your network. If you’re just starting out, try a couple times per week and work up from there.

  • Try all the tools (comments, likes, shares) to get the best engagement. Pull others into conversations by @mentioning them.
  • Mix up your sources and share third party content so you’re not just sharing from one website. Instead post articles and links from a variety of different content platforms.
October 30, 2017

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