Upad boss: traditional letting agents will soon go the way of Yellow Pages

The online agent's founder and CEO explains why he thinks purely traditional agents have a limited shelf life, and that landlords need to play the Rightmove game to get the most viewings.

Not only has our food, cars, insurance, retail shopping, and just about anything else you can think of been propelled forward into a technology-driven world. And so too has property.

As companies like Amazon and Uber dominating their markets, so they are transforming the way customers buy goods and services.

And now there’s proptech, the coined phrase for the collision of the property and technology worlds.

This means landlords can no longer rely on outdated methods of finding people to rent their homes.

Tenants, particularly those under 30 years old who are the largest demographic in the market, are searching online for their next home, not in agent’s shop windows.

This shift not only paves the way for online agents like Upad it also means landlords need to become technology-savvy and up their game.

Much as the Yellow Pages is a thing of the past, so traditional lettings services will soon be too as landlords turn to more manageable and cost-effective solutions for promoting their rental properties.

Our research shows 92% of tenants go online to search for their next rental home and 91% said good photos where their number one concern.

In a technology driven world, we want information and we want it now.

It’s important that landlords post adverts with top-quality photos to attract tenants because, in a competitive property market, presentation is everything.

Also, 46% of tenants use mobile apps to search for their next rental property, a trend that’s on the increase and means that landlords should think about how their ads appear on mobile devices.

And given that Rightmove has a 77% share of the online portal market, it’s even more important that listings look their best to attract the most tenants.

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