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‘Not enough agents are leaving Rightmove yet to make a difference’

Iain White says that until campaigning groups such as Say No To Rightmove have a simple, unifying message for agents to focus on, Rightmove will win once more.

Nigel Lewis


The number of feeds being cut to Rightmove are at their highest ‘in living memory’ a leading industry consultant has claimed, indicating unhappiness among agents has reached unprecedented levels.

But Iain White, who is a consultant to dozens of estate agents across the UK and who until 2014 worked at Countrywide at a senior level, says the number of agents pulling the plug on Rightmove remains relatively low compared to its total agent database.

White also says that the campaigns – four of which recently joined forces to unite behind a common purpose – have yet to truly set out their stall and that this is causing problems.

“I don’t think the campaigns have yet truly said what they stand for including whether it’s saying ‘leave Rightmove’ or just ‘stay at a certain price’ or ‘leave after the discount period’,” he says.

“It is these types of question marks which have held some agents back from joining these campaigns.

“There are agents who plan to leave Rightmove who haven’t joined these campaigns, and others who have joined, but have no intention of quitting the portal.”

White says the campaigns, and in particular the most high profile, Say No To Rightmove, must make it clear whether they are asking agents to leave Rightmove if a lower price cannot be negotiated.

“If that is the case then fine, but tell us what that price is and when the trigger to leave will be,” he adds.

Asked what he would do, White said: “I would make it obvious what the campaign stood for and, if everyone agreed, I would say we’re all coming off Rightmove and you need to give our notice by this date. Are you with us, Yes or No”.

Reduce fees

The Negotiator put Iain White’s point to London agent Murray Lee, who is one of the four key agents leading attempts to persuade more agent to take on Rightmove.

“I’ve said from the beginning if they don’t give us more courtesy in their dealings with the agents and reduce their fees to a much more realistic level In line with the 75% now [being charge] then I will serve my notice,” says Murray

“I’ve told Iain this, as have the leaders of the other three campaigns, and that’s been my stance all along.”

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May 19, 2020


  1. Good morning!
    I think we have said EXACTLY what we stand for Iain

    All in the simple title…. SAY NO TO RIGHTMOVE
    Cant be more simple can it?

    Let me explain if it isn’t clear

    Say No to their over inflated price structure (50% more than Zoopla)
    Say No to their different pricing structures per agent/per chain/per area
    Say No to their “take it or leave it” attitude
    Say No to their once a year only meaningless laptop statistic showing visits
    Say No to their pointless constant nonsense emails
    Say No to their dreadful client/customer care
    Say No to their “Bully Boy” tactics (Quote – Mr T Abrahamson/Glentree)
    Say No to even needing a portal who takes no interest in their customer
    Say No to this very same portal who needed pointing out that a lousy “deferral offer” was their “Ratner” moment
    Say No to the same portal who had to be told, in direct conversation with their CEO (Quote Alan Goldin/Alan Goldin Estates), that that offer was derisory and then panicked into withdrawing it 24 hours later and Then and ONLY then, reducing fees by 75% for 4 months (while Zoopla offered it FREE yes FREE for 5 months!!!!!)
    SAY NO TO A COMPANY THAT HAVE MADE ZERO, ZIP, ZANADA, contact with me (and many others I believe) to ask “hows it going……”

    Is that clear enough Iain?

    And I am 100% confirming here, unless they make a realistic offer on their pricing structure in the next 75 days (or ideally less) at least this agency will be giving notice

    So thats 1 more with a very big mouth for a little guy, who with the other 4 horseman of the portal apocalypse (Quote – when he can get it right – Chris Watkins himself.

    Rightmove……..or Wrongmove?
    Over to you!!!

    PS French Onion Bike Ride Challenge accepted – due to be 31/5/20
    All donations gratefully accepted to my Just Giving Page

  2. The fear factor of leaving RM will always be there. Perhaps if those agents who are struggling with the decision spoke to those of who have been long gone from RM, it would help their decision process.
    As I have said many times on social media and on forums, it the one of the best things we ever did. Being dictated to by an organisation that is so out of touch with its customers is not something we wanted and since leaving RM, business levels have increased and productivity has improved.
    If anyone wants to call me, I am happy to give them the facts and figures. 07741 857119

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